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Madison Academy of Music Mission

The Madison Academy of Music's mission is to guide students of all ages and abilities in developing their artistic talents by providing well-balanced musical education in a nurturing setting. To achieve this mission, the Madison Academy of Music strives to:
  • Work individually with students to help them achieve their musical goals, whether it be to go on in higher music education or to just play for their own enjoyment.
  • Expand types of study offered to students by encouraging staff to expand their training, and hiring teachers with expertise in special areas of study.
  • Encourage performance opportunities and family participation through regular recitals.
  • Encourage participation in and provide students with information about outside performance opportunities and competitions.
  • Maintain an open-door policy to encourage communication with the parents of students and to encourage entire-family involvement in their children's musical education.
  • Work to establish long-term relationships with students and their families.

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