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Music for Young Children
DO-RE-MI:  Pre-piano Early Childhood Music Classes
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Music for Young Children

The Music for Young Children (MYC) program consists of small group classes of children 3 years-old and above. Classes are grouped into age category, and the lessons are once a week for an hour, accompanied by an adult (parent, grandparent, or caregiver) who participates in the program. Children typically remain in the program from three to five years, depending on the age of the child, and each year typically consisting of 36 lessons. The curriculum for each level is carefully geared and paced to the abilities and learning styles for that particular age. The concepts and skills that are covered in each week’s lessons are provided by certified MYC teachers who, with many aids, create their own lesson plans.

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DO-RE-MI:  Pre-piano Early Childhood Music Classes

For children ages 0-5 years, this program is based on the Kodaly method focusing on sol-fa, listening, music literacy, in-tune singing, beat, rhythm, movement, musical games and activities which help your child develop a positive attitude to music and build a solid foundation for your child's ongoing musical education. DO-RE-MI classes are grouped into age-appropriate classes, and each class lasts 30 minutes.

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Meet our Teacher:  Trish Zamora

Trish Zamora has been teaching music for 30 years. After graduating from UW - Madison with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, she accepted a teaching position in Australia and stayed there for 30 years, teaching band and classroom music for many of those years. She wrote the Instrumental Music Curriculum documents for the State of Queensland, organized State wide music festivals, and acted as an advisory teacher and mentor to other music teachers. When her own children got involved in Kodaly based music classes, she was  so impressed with the skills that children could achieve at such as early age, that she retrained as an early childhood music specialist gaining the Kodaly Certification and she has been teaching children from birth to 15 ever since! She also taught at Griffith University's Young Conservatorium in South Brisbane, lectured at Australian Catholic University, instructing elementary education students in how to teach music in their classrooms as well as run her own home studio in piano and early childhood music. She and her family moved back to Wisconsin five years ago. She worked on the faculty of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music for several years and now spends most of her time in her home studio teaching piano and early childhood music classes. She is certified MYC piano teacher. 

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To learn more about MYC

To learn more and/or register for Music for Young Chilrdren, contact Trish Zamora at:

Phone:  262 242 6306

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